Canadian Italian Business and Professional Assocation

An additional feature of our network is our link to the national order of Canadian Italian Business and Professional Association (CIBPA).

CIBPA is a nationwide network of Italian Canadian individuals who perform in the business and/or professional arenas of our country. CIBPA's mandate is to develop a network exchange of ideas, business ventures and funding across Canada with those willing to expand their mandates.

Each year, CIBPA Winnipeg presents an award to the CIBPA Entrepreneur / Professional of the Year.  This award is presented to someone in Manitoba of Italian heritage that has risen above the rest and demonstrated the success that can be achieved by hard work but who also has given back to the community.

With origins as an association going back to 1949, when the first CIBPA chapter was formed in Montreal, to the incorporation in 1983 of the National Federation of CIBPA's, with only two chapters at the time -- Montreal and Toronto, the National Federation has grown to 12 member chapters across Canada with a collective membership of approximately 1,500 individual business and professional people in its ranks.

Order Sons and Daughters of Italy, Garibaldi Lodge

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