5th Annual SDOI, Family Sleigh Ride 

On December 28, 2022 almost 40 of the Brothers and Sisters of the Garibaldi Lodge came together with friends and family for our 5th annual Christmas sleigh ride at beautiful Bird's Hill Park Ranch.

The weather cooperated yet again this year with temperatures hovering near 0 Celsius. With spirits and cups raised high, the majority of the adults without young ones sat out the first ride to enjoy a delicious steak, caesar salad and roasted potato. A bottle of vino here and there or a warm cup of coffee or tea kept riders warm through the night. The sound of sleigh bells, Christmas Carrol’s, love and laughter brought the first sleigh home around 7:00 pm. This would give the young ones an opportunity to feast, but not before petting the great horses and taking a few up close and personal pictures with the powerful animals.

Then the second group mounted the sleigh. Through the power of Bluetooth speakers, Vincenzina Conia’s foresight, and her father Mike’s stand up comedy routine, the second group cruised down the trails in laughter and more songs of Christmas. The songs ranged widely from modern cutting edge to Canadian traditional and of course, classic Italian. Brothers and sisters alike shared stories, cuddled under blankets and spread holiday cheer as the sleighs gilded through the windproof woods of Bird's Hill.

It was with great pleasure that the event, food enjoyed and fellowship formed between family and friends could be subsidized due to the hard work of our club.

Bouno Natale e Boun Anno a tutti.

Photos by Flavia Fernandez Fabio and Cam Giavedoni. 

Order Sons and Daughters of Italy, Garibaldi Lodge

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