Welcome to the site of the Order Sons and Daughters of Italy - Garibaldi Lodge in Winnipeg, Canada.  As Winnipeg enjoys a joint chapter with the Canadian Italian Business and Professional Association (CIBPA), this site represents both organizations.  An overview of each follows on this page.  Details of the Winnipeg lodge and links to our affiliated organizations can be found in the sidebar.

Order Sons and Daughters of Italy of Canada

Order Sons and Daughters of Italy has established itself as North America's largest and longest serving organization representing men and women of Italian Heritage.

For Italian-Canadians heritage is expressed in the way we prepare for our gatherings, holiday feasts and religious customs. How we gather around friends and families. For some it is in the appreciation of Italy's contribution to the arts, fashion, music, literature, science and architecture.

Over and above this, Order Sons and Daughters of Italy has established itself in philanthropic causes and has funded programs in the greater community whether they be in medical research, education, or with inner-city poverty food banks.

Our motto: “Liberty, Equality, Fraternity

  • Liberty - The freedom of assembly, speech, opportunity, religion, conscience and economic freedom.
  • Equality - The ability to enjoy the rights and benefits of human progress without distinction as to race, colour, creed or class.
  • Fraternity - The concept of associating in a spirit of true brotherhood with those sharing common ideals.

Our lodges are part of a nationwide network of Italian Canadians providing support, protecting the good name and positive image of Italian Canadians, encouragement in the political process and advocacy and promoting education.

For further information on Sons of Italy: Canada-wideUSWinnipeg


An additional feature of our network is our link to the national order of Canadian Italian Business and Professional Association (CIBPA). This organization is a nationwide network of Italian Canadian individuals who perform in the business and/or professional arenas of our country. CIBPA's mandate is to develop a network exchange of ideas, business ventures and funding across Canada with those willing to expand their mandates.

With origins as an association going back to 1949, when the first CIBPA chapter was formed in Montreal, to the incorporation in 1983 of the National Federation of CIBPA's, with only two chapters at the time -- Montreal and Toronto, the National Federation has grown to 12 member chapters across Canada with a collective membership of approximately 1,500 individual business and professional people in its ranks.

Order Sons and Daughters of Italy, Garibaldi Lodge

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