Past Presidents Recognized

The highlight of the President's Reception held on March 7, 2014 was the long-overdue recognition of the amazing work done by the past presidents of the Order Sons of Italy Garibaldi Lodge.

Fifteen of the seventeen former presidents were in attendance at the event, and their faces were beaming with pride.  Phil DelBigio, the very first president of our lodge in 1987 has since passed away, but his grandson was in attendance to say a few words.

For this recognition event, a special gold Sons of Italy gold ring was created, emblazoned with the word "President" and the years of service.  The rings were a symbol of the strength and dedication each of them offered in their own unique vision of leading our lodge with our mission always in mind; Charity, Community and Italian heritage.

There was excitement in the room as each of the Past Presidents were called up to receive the distinguished gold rings.  The rings were presented by current president Tat-Liang and National Order President Josie Cumbo.

Tat-Liang called up each of the past presidents and spoke a few words about how each contributed.  See the photos on the right with Tat and Josie presenting the ring to each of the past presidents.

The photo below was on the main entry steps to the RBC Convention Centre of the past presidents in attendance:

Our past National President Vince Bueti shared some stories about the adventures of our Past Presidents and emphasized the SOI symbol of the lion and relevance that symbol is to all our Past Presidents there that night.

It was a very special night - see more coverage here.


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1988, 1989 Vince Bueti (along with Tat-Liang and Josie Cumbo)

1990, 1992 Frank Aquila

1992, 1993 Joe Paletta

1994 Carmine Militano

1997, 1998 Tony Cesario

1999, 2000 Joe Leuzzi

2001, 2002 Reno Augellone

2003, 2004 Reno Molinari

2005, 2006 Robert Scaletta

2007, 2008 Cosmo Racano

2009, 2010 Luigi Caci

2011, 2012 Justin Bova

Missing: 1995, 1996  Joe Bova

Photos by John Giavedoni, | photography
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