SDOI Legacy Awards

The Lodge annually gives two awards of $2,000 each to students of Italian origin entering or attending post-secondary education and one award of $1,000 to students entering a trade program.

Each year we are faced with the difficult task of assessing numerous qualified and successful Italian students. We have been gratified and excited to realize the number of Italian students who every year achieve high grades and involve themselves in the Italian and Winnipeg communities. They are a credit to the Italian community and to our City.

In 2018 we partnered with the Winnipeg Foundation to ensure that our student awards would continue in perpetuity, so they are now given through our Legacy Fund.  For more information on our Legacy Fund, and the benefits of making tax-deductible donations to this fund, click here.

To Qualify

To qualify for an award an individual must meet the following criteria: 

    • You should be enrolled and attending your first year of post secondary education (University, college or trades) or graduate studies to apply for the Legacy Awards. (proof of enrolment must be provided) 
    • Be of Italian descent,
    • Be a resident of Manitoba,
    • Between the ages of 17-30 as of June 30th in the year of your application,
    • Be a Canadian citizen, and
    • Have not previously received a Sons and Daughters of Italy award.

Preference will be given to those applicants who can demonstrate the following: 

    • Participation in the Italian community,
    • A genuine interest in their Italian heritage,
    • Good academic standing,
    • Achievement in their field of training or cultural pursuit,
    • Co-curricular activities/achievements,
    • Community service, and/or
    • Financial need.
Note that there are other awards available from Sons and Daughters of Italy.

    To Apply

    Applications must be received no later than June 30th in the year of application.  The application form (PDF) can be downloaded by clicking: application form  If you have questions, please send them to Vince Mariani, our Student Awards Chair.

    Current Winners

    We are so proud of our scholarship winners.  They present a very positive reflection on our community and certainly bode well for our future.   

    2023 WINNERS

    Vincenzina Conia

    Vincenzina (Zina) graduated with honours with distinction from Shaftesbury High School in 2023. She was chosen as the Valedictorian by her peers and teachers and represented to her class at the convocation ceremony through her valedictory address. Vincenzina was awarded the Shaftesbury Industrial Arts Award of Excellence and a Graphic Arts medal for achieving the highest grades in the 40S course. Currently she is enrolled in the University of Manitoba’s Faculty of Science, majoring in genetics. She hopes to pursue a career in this field, becoming a medical geneticist or a genetic counsellor. 

    Vincenzina is prevalent within the Italian community, and she is very proud that she can represent her heritage in any way possible. She has volunteered with the Sons and Daughters of Italy for multiple years, involving herself with the SDOI Gala, Christmas Eve Feast, and the Rossbrook House graduation dinner. In 2023, Vincenzina graduated from the Dante Alighieri Italian School after completing 12 years of learning the Italian language. Vincenzina has proudly danced with the Splendore D’Italia Folk Dancers for 13 years, performing annually in Folkorama to represent Italy.

    Vincenzina is honoured to be a recipient of the SDOI Legacy Award and would like to formally thank the Sons and Daughters of Italy, her family, and her friends for all of the continuous support and recognition of her studies. 

    Emma Posillipo

    Emma Posillipo graduated from Linden Christian School in 2023 with Honours of Great Distinction. She received a volleyball, basketball, and soccer athletic award. She was also the recipient of the 2022-2023 Female Athlete of the Year. Emma is continuing her education through the Direct Entry Program at the University of Manitoba in the Faculty of Kinesiology. She is currently pursuing her Bachelors of Kinesiology and intends to continue with her Masters in Physical Therapy, with high aspirations of one day owning her own physiotherapy clinic.

    Emma has been a volunteer at volleyball, basketball and soccer for four years through coaching school. She enjoys encouraging fellow female athletes to pursue interests in athletics, teamwork and leadership. She has also volunteered in the community, serving at the annual Christmas Eve Feast and volunteering at the Gala Dinner. Emma is immensely proud of her Italian heritage which has been passed down through her time spent with her Nonna and extended family. 

    Emma would like to thank the Sons and Daughters of Italy for this award. She is proud to be one of the recipients of the Sons and Daughters of Italy Legacy Award. She looks forward to continuing her education and involvement in the Italian community and one day becoming a member of the Sons and Daughters of Italy Garibaldi Lodge. 

    Past Winners

    2022 Winners

    Michele (Mickey) Leuzzi

    Michele (Mickey) Leuzzi is graduating from École Secondaire Oak Park High School in 2023 and is enrolled in the University of Manitoba, with the hopes of pursuing a career in Law.

    Mickey is very proud of his Italian heritage and his family values. He has done volunteer work with Sons and Daughters of Italy since he was young. He has given his time at many SDOI events throughout the years such as the annual Christmas Eve Feast and the Gala Dinner. Mickey has also been a volunteer for the Bruce Oake Recovery Centre and has volunteered for many important events like the Grand Opening, Annual Gala, and Anniversary. Mickey is proud to graduate on the honour roll and recently has received offers from top universities in Canada like Western, Queens, and Toronto Metropolitan.

    Mickey is honoured that the Sons and Daughters of Italy has chosen him to be a recipient of the Legacy Award. He would like to thank the Organization for their support.

    Marisa Ranieri

    Marisa obtained her Bachelor of Arts- Advanced degree in sociology and psychology from the University of Manitoba in 2022. In the fall of 2022, she began her master’s degree in human rights specializing in international human rights law. 

    Throughout her university journey, Marisa volunteered her time coaching youth soccer and working with many undergraduate courses as a student advisor. Marisa has been involved with the Italian community for most of her youth and adulthood. 

    “I am very proud of my culture, heritage, upbringing, and everything it has taught me. It has instilled dedication, values and morals that continue to be at the forefront of my human rights advocacy today.” 

    Marisa Ranieri would like to thank the Sons and Daughters of Italy for their continued support and recognition. 

    2021 WINNERS

    Danielle Hermann

    Danielle graduated from Mennonite Brethren Collegiate Institute in 2015, and from the University of Winnipeg in 2020 with a Bachelor of Arts Honours degree in psychology. In fall 2021, she began Master’s degree in criminal justice at the University of Winnipeg with the goal of a career in intelligence analysis. 

    As an undergraduate student at U of W, Danielle was a student-athlete with the women’s soccer program for 4 years. Playing sports competitively growing up, and into her university years taught her valuable skills in teamwork, tenacity, and discipline. Danielle believes she was fortunate to have been given that opportunity and wants to take what sheI has learned and apply it to her future endeavours. 

    She been a volunteer with the Sons of Italy Christmas Eve Feast for many years, and have also volunteered at the Sons of Italy Gala, and the Italian pavilion at Folklorama. "I am extremely proud of my Italian heritage and all that it has taught me. The strength and resilience my grandparents have shown through the stories they have told me of their immigration to Canada have instilled in me the value of hard work."

    Danielle Hermann would like to sincerely thank the Sons and Daughters of Italy for granting her the Legacy award. 

    Annika Zirino

    Annika Zirino graduated from St. Mary’s Academy in 2021 with honours. She received a school spirit award upon graduating and was also the recipient of St. Mary’s Academy’s Bob Ritchie scholarship in the 2020-2021 school year.

    She enjoyed volunteering with the school and participated in the extended service trip to El Salvador. She loved to be involved within the school community in whatever ways she could and she played on the school soccer team throughout high school. 

    Annika is currently attending the University of Manitoba in the Faculty of Science. She hopes to further her studies with the U of M’s College of Pharmacy. Annika aspires to be a pediatric or geriatric pharmacist. 

    2020 WINNERS

    Daniela Auriti

    Daniela believes in the spirit of positivity and collaborating to make our community a better place - through creativity, beautiful culture and healthy lifestyle. She is very grateful for this special award as it will be held closely as a milestone in her life. 

    Daniela is a graduate of St. John’s Ravenscourt School, Class of 2018. She excelled in sports including Ultimate, Soccer and Volleyball where the sense of teamwork, leadership, and challenge was constantly in the forefront of her environment. Being the best you can be on the field was mandatory regardless of the score of the game or other unique factors. Today, she is a full-time student at the University of Manitoba and will graduate in 2022 from the Asper School of Business, pursuing a double major in Marketing and International Business. 

    Employment experience is dear to her as she has developed the importance of the customer and community to a business in her understanding. Being the first point of contact as receptionist at the number one Toyota dealership in Manitoba has been very rewarding in terms of developing relationships and customer service. Time management, efficiency, organization, and being approachable are skills she has developed very well through her many diverse personal endeavors.

    Upon graduating from University, she aspires to somehow mix her Italian heritage into her career. Volunteering in great causes will be part of giving back and staying active and engaged. Every part of society is rapidly evolving, and she hopes to make an impact.  

    Liam Macaluso

    Liam is a proud Spartan as he represented his school in sporting events, choral events and in french immersion events. He prides himself in leadership and inclusiveness and is always striving for equality. Liam is looking to graduate from the University of Winnipeg in 2025 as he aspires to become a high school teacher. 

    Liam is taking every step to move forward in his career as he is currently employed at École St. Avila. There, he is getting hands on experience in the educational system gaining valuable knowledge that will help him in the future as a teacher. 

    Liam would like to formally thank the Sons and Daughters of Italy for awarding him with the Legacy award and is very eager to join the Sons and Daughters of Italy in the near future. 

    2019 Winners

    Mariella Grazia Cianflone

    Mariella Grazia Cianflone graduated from The University of Winnipeg Collegiate and was awarded Student of Highest Distinction for her honour roll achievements. She was also awarded the University of Winnipeg John David Murray Memorial Award for Academic Excellence in English 40S Literary Focus and the University of Manitoba Guertin Centennial Entrance Scholarship. Mariella is continuing her education through the Direct Entry Program at the University of Manitoba in the Faculty of Science, aspiring to complete a general science degree and pursue a career in the medical field. 

    Mariella volunteered to support the University of Winnipeg Collegiate’s public marketing campaign, including website, transit bus wrap and transit shelter media as well as open house radio advertisement spokesperson and for the Action for Aid non-profit organization. Mariella’s volunteer involvement extends to performances honouring Jane Goodall in her receipt of the University of Winnipeg Honourary Doctor of Laws Degree and celebrating Italian Canadians in Literature and the Arts at the University of Winnipeg’s “Roots, Routes and Recognition” 17th Biennial Conference of the Association of Italian Canadian Writers. 

    Mariella is immensely proud of her Italian heritage and continues to celebrate her culture by being a member of the Sons and Daughters of Italy Splendore D’Italia Folk Dance ensemble. She is honoured to be the recipient of the Sons and Daughters of Italy Legacy Award. 

    Gianfranco Leuzzi

    Gianfranco Leuzzi Graduated from St Paul’s High School in 2018 and is currently enrolled in the University of Manitoba, pursing an undergraduate degree in political science with the hopes of pursing a career in Law.

    Gianfranco is very proud of his Italian heritage and his family values. He has been an official member of the Sons and Daughters of Italy since 2018, however his volunteer work with the organization started since he was much younger. He has given his time at many SDOI events throughout the years such as the annual Christmas Eve Feast and our Gala Dinner. Gianfranco has also organized soup kitchens on behalf of the SDOI in conjunction with the Oak table ministry which operates in the Osborn Area. He was also heavily involved in the air cadet program between the years of 2013 to 2019, eventually achieving the rank of Warrant Officer First Class in the program. He used his new responsibility to organize many volunteering and community service events to instill a sense of good will and citizenship to the youth under his command. In 2018 for his service to the community inside and outside of cadets, Gianfranco was awarded the Senate of Canada 150 Medal.

    Gianfranco is honored that the Sons and Daughters of Italy has chosen him to be a recipient of Legacy Award. And would also like to thank his Brothers and Sisters of the organization for their support. 

    Rosario Vassallo

    Rosario Vassallo is a 2014 graduate from Shaftesbury High School.  He was the recipient of the school’s scholarship for having the highest grades in the industrial arts, design and technology curriculum.  He is currently enrolled in the Construction Management Degree program at the Red River College.  Rosario is set to graduate with a Bachelor of Technology Degree this upcoming June 2020.

    As part of his degree, Rosario is currently leading a 6-month long case study investigating a new use of concrete technology which will be presenting to industry leaders and professionals.

    Rosario’s ambition in the construction industry is evidenced by the range of experience he has acquired, and his progression in responsibilities over that time.  As he completes his schooling, he works 3 - 4 days a week in various positions including new home sales, construction and in the service industry.

    Rosario’s character and integrity are rooted from his upbringing which has instilled respect for others and the importance of family.  Rosario’s love and respect for his elders stems from his close relation ship with his parents, grandparents and his younger brother bringing pride in his Italian heritage.

    Rosario is an enthusiastic individual, whose always ready to adapt to new challenges whenever opportunity arises.  His overall objective is to continue to learn, develop and exercise his abilities and skills to further assist in the advancements of his career. He is a young man who believes to not take things for granted and understands that success in life comes from working hard and always treating others with respect.

    Rosario would like to thank the Sons and Daughters of Italy for rewarding him with this Legacy Award.

    2018 winners

    See our News section for images of our 2018 winners accepting their awards.

    Lucas Mosienko 

    Lucas Mosienko graduated from Mennonite Brethren Colligate Institute in 2018 with first class honours. He is currently enrolled at the University of Winnipeg in the Faculty of Science completing an undergraduate degree in Neuroscience, with hopes for a career in medicine as a Cardiac Anesthesiologist. 

    Lucas has been actively involved in research in the field of Cardiac Anesthesiology, working as a research assistant at St. Boniface Hospital in the department of Anesthesia and Peri-operative Medicine. It is through this experience that Lucas has been able to act as a translator for an Italian patient and put his second language to good use. 

    Lucas has been volunteering at Misericordia Health Centre since 2015. Lucas made a point of seeking out residents who immigrated to Canada from Italy to connect with them in Italian and listen to their stories. 

    Lucas continues to further his knowledge in Italian by taking Italian courses at the University of Winnipeg. Lucas is a proud Italian and attempts to bring his heritage and love of his culture into all aspects of his life. 

    Lucas would like thank The Sons of Italy and all those who were involved with rewarding him with this scholarship as it will be most helpful in his academic studies. 

    Francesca Silla

    Francesca Silla graduated from the University of Manitoba in 2017 with an undergraduate degree in Psychology (Honours). She is now pursuing a Masters degree in School Psychology at the University of Manitoba. 

    With her grandparents and parents having all been born in Italy, Francesca has an especially close tie to the Italian culture. Her family’s Italian history has always made her proud and has motivated her to contribute to the Italian community in several meaningful ways, primarily through music. Francesca has sung at many Italian events including the Italian Pavilion’s Folklorama for 6 years. She has also sung at Holy Rosary Parish for the past 5 years, where she sings in the choir as well as at many funerals and weddings. Being involved in the Italian community in these important ways has provided Francesca with a strong sense of pride and belonging.

    Francesca is extremely flattered, honoured and grateful to have received the Sons of Italy scholarship. Her Italian heritage means absolutely everything to her, and her involvement in the Italian community is something she treasures and feels very fortunate to have. She looks forward to continuing her education and involvement in the Italian community.

    2017 winners

    Dante Rosati

    Dante Rosati has graduated from Elmwood High School in 2017 with honors, receiving the award for the highest GPA in graphic design.  He has been accepted into the engineering program at the University of Manitoba.

    Dante was enrolled in the Dante Alighieri Italian School for two years.  He has volunteered with the Son’s of Italy Christmas Eve Feast in the past.  He has also volunteered with several other organizations through the years including Habitat for Humanity, Kids Feast, SADD and the Santa Claus Parade.

    Learning about the Italian culture has always been an interest to Dante and something he has pursued through family and the Dante Alighieri.  This scholarship from the Son’s of Italy is something that will allow Dante to pursue his goals in education but also shows the commitment of the Italian community to its members.

    Davide Verrelli 

    Davide Verrelli graduated from Saint Paul’s High School and kept a place on the gold honour roll throughout his time there. He is currently studying science at the Canadian Mennonite University, with the intention of pursuing a career in medicine. 

    Davide places a high value on family in his life, and brings this same love to the broader community, often in the form of music. He assists in leading his parish of Holy Cross in music ministry, and sings at various gatherings in the Italian community such as Folklorama and Viva Italia. Davide has always been deeply inspired by the Italian culture and seeks to strengthen his proficiency in the language by taking courses at the U of W next year.

    Davide is extremely humbled by the Sons of Italy’s benefaction towards his studies and wishes to express his sincerest gratitude. He will continue to dedicate himself to his work, so that he may bring his best in service of the Italian community and Winnipeg at large.

    2016 Winners

    Pietro Cianflone 

    Pietro Salvatore II Cianflone graduated from St. Paul’s High School and received the President’s Silver Medal for obtaining the second-highest average of his graduating class. He received the highest standing achievement in biology and English, as well as the St. Paul’s College Alumni and Friends Association Entrance Scholarship in his graduating year. He continues his studies in the Faculty of Science, in the direct entry program, at the University of Manitoba. He strives to attain a general degree in science in pursuit of a medical career.

    Pietro has volunteered at the Immaculate Conception Soup Kitchen, Winnipeg Harvest, and Siloam Mission. As a member of the Maroon and White Society, he acted as an ambassador for his student body at both high school events and external proceedings. In addition, he assisted in teaching catechism classes at St. John Brebeuf Parish and served as a peer-tutor in biology and mathematics.

    Joshua Colasuonno Sterner

    Joshua graduated from St. Paul's High School in June 2016 and achieved honour roll throughout his four years at the school.  He currently is attending the University of Manitoba in the Faculty of Science and plans to enter the Faculty of Kinesiology to pursue his goal of becoming a physiotherapist and helping people live healthier, more comfortable lives.

    Joshua is proud of his Italian heritage and is family-oriented, hard working and caring.  He has volunteered for many events in and out of the Italian community, including the Holy Rosary Church.  Joshua has assisted the grade 6 catechism, served as alterably, served at the annual Spaghetti dinner and helped at various catechism social functions. He has also attended the Dante Alighieri Italian School for four years.

    Joshua is thankful for all of the help he has received from his parents and also thanks Sons of Italy for the generous scholarship, helping him achieve his goals.

    2015 Winners

    Domenica Bueti 

    Domenica Bueti is a proud graduate of Collège Béliveau andthe Dante Alighieri Italian School. Graduating from high school with top marks in her class, she is continuing her education at the University of Manitoba in the Faculty of Science.

    Italian culture has always played an important role in her life and has shaped her into the motivated young woman she is today. Born from parents of Italian descent, she learned to speak Italian before she could speak English. Her family would travel to Italy every three years to expose her and her sister to the Italian culture, language and to reconnect with family.

    She enjoys volunteering with the Holy Rosary Youth Group, participating at various movie nights, spaghetti dinners and fundraising events. She also performs with Le Ragazze Italiane folk dance group. Through Dante Alighieri Italian School, Holy Rosary Youth Group and dancing in Folklorama, she has had the chance to meet many lifelong friends who share the same love and interest in the Italian culture.

    Katia Occhino

    I graduated last year from Kelvin High School with a French Immersion diploma and a 95% average. I am in my first year at the University of Winnipeg enrolled in the pre-medicine program. I hope to one day become a doctor and save the lives of many people.

    From a very young age I have been playing soccer. I played on my high school team throughout grades 9-12 and have competed at the provincial level. I am a member of the U of W Women’s soccer team and also play on a premier division women’s team. In my free time I enjoy coaching soccer and am involved with soccer camps. Last summer, I coached and mentored girls from the Spence Street Neighbourhood which provided an opportunity for the girls to play soccer and to get to know others from the area.

     For the past three years I have volunteered at the Sons of Italy Christmas Eve feast, helping all the kids to get a photo with Santa. I also volunteer at the Saint Boniface Hospital helping and aiding patients. 

    2014 Winners

    Alexander Loscerbo 

    Alexander Loscerbo graduated from St. Paul’s High School and received the Governor General’s Medal and the President’s Gold Medal for obtaining the highest average of his graduating class. He is in currently enrolled in the Faculty of Business at the University of Manitoba in the direct entry program. He plans to major in actuarial studies and work in the insurance industry of Winnipeg.

    Alexander has participated in Italian community events such as the Amatese picnic and has volunteered at the Holy Rosary Annual Spaghetti Dinner. He has also volunteered at the Immaculate Conception Soup Kitchen and as a Sunday school teacher at St. Ann’s Parish. In his Grade 12 year at St. Paul’s, Alexander was a member of the Maroon and White Society and the school’s soccer team.

    Alexander is extremely grateful for the contribution that the Sons of Italy have made to his education. He feels honoured to be acknowledged by such a successful association that has done so much for the community. Alexander plans to study diligently so that one day he will represent the community of Italians that have made him so proud.

    Elizabeth (“Elisabetta”) Grande

    As a 2014 graduate of the Collège Louis-Riel, I am proud to say that I am off to the University of Saint-Boniface to start an exciting career as a school teacher. One of my biggest passions in life has always been languages and knowing four of them makes me very proud!

    The one goal I will always strive for throughout my career, would be to one day have a recognized school here in Winnipeg of Italian language to show kids the importance of the language that permitted our past to now be our future. Attending the Dante Alighieri Italian School for 10 years has made me truly value the importance of holding on to one’s roots.

    Being active within the Italian community has been as much of a responsibility as a privilege. The Italian Pavilion has always offered me a chance to share this love for the Italian culture, through singing for three consecutive years, dancing with the Splendore d’Italia Folk Dancers and representing the face of our Italian youth as the Pavilion’s Youth Ambassador in 2013. When I am not on stage at Folklorama, you will find me singing for the community or speaking in Calabrese to my nonni! Thank you nonno and nonna for your beautiful language!

    I would like to give a huge thank you to the Sons of Italy, Garibaldi Lodge for bringing me closer in achieving this dream. Grazie mille!

    2013 Winners

    Alessandra Baksina

    Alessandra Baksina was on the honour roll at Glenlawn Collegiate for four years and is currently in the direct entry program at the University of Manitoba through the Asper’s School of Business – working toward a degree in business, majoring in both international business and marketing in the retail industry.

    “Ali” has been a volunteer at the Sons of Italy Christmas Eve Feast for four years, helping to set-up gift bags and serving dessert. She has also volunteered at Folklorama and in 2008 was the youth ambassador for the Italian pavilion. She was also an active dancer in the Sons of Italy Splendore D’Italia Folk Dancers for 13 years, and received the group’s scholarship in 2013.

    “I am extremely proud of my Italian background and would like to say thank-you to the Sons of Italy for this scholarship to help me to reach my future goals at University."

    Rosie Baksina

    Rosie Baksina has been involved in the Italian community through volunteering at Folklorama, by dancing with the Sons of Italy Splendore D’Italia Folk Dancers and then in the Mercato when she wasn’t dancing anymore.  


    She has been serving at the annual Sons of Italy Christmas Eve Feast since 2009 and was also a part of the Sons of Italy Leonardo Da Vinci Youth Group. To continue learning about my Italian heritage, she will be learning Italian in University. 


    “I am sincerely grateful for the scholarship Sons of Italy has awarded me and I can’t wait to take on the work force as a successful business woman.”

    2012 Winners

    Amanda Loscerbo

    Amanda Loscerbo graduated from St. Mary’s Academy and received the Governor General’s Medal for obtaining the highest average of her graduating class. In addition to this she received the top mark in four of her Grade 12 courses. She is in the process of completing a Bachelor of Science degree at the University of Winnipeg. She plans to apply to medical school and hopes to become a General Practitioner working in Winnipeg.

    Amanda has been active in both the Italian community and the community at large. She has been a regular volunteer at Holy Rosary’s Annual Spaghetti Dinner. As well, she has been the editor for the House of Peace “Hope” newsletter for 4 years. She was a member of both the Youth in Philanthropy and Human Rights Team in her senior year. She also teaches Sunday school at St. Anne’s Parish for children participating in the Latin Mass.

    Amanda is extremely proud of her Italian heritage and would like to thank the Sons of Italy for their contribution to her education. She feels honored to receive the scholarship and hopes to make the Italian community proud by what she accomplishes in her future.

    Alana Robert

    Alana Robert graduated from St. Mary’s Academy with Honours. She is currently studying Political Science and Economics at the University of Manitoba, in pursuit of a career as an International Human Rights Lawyer.

    Alana represented Manitoba at national debate tournaments in Toronto, Northwest Territories, Montreal and Halifax. Alana was selected as 1 of 6 youth from across Canada to be a World Vision Canadian Youth Ambassador. This past summer, she travelled to Rwanda to volunteer with developing communities.  Alana is passionate about social justice, and helped found and initiate the Jams4Justice Project: a provincial wide awareness campaign that strives to help combat human trafficking.
    Alana was 2011 Folklorama Italian Female Youth Ambassador. She taught Sunday School at Holy Rosary Parish for many years. Alana currently enjoys volunteering with Siloam Mission and Special Olympics.  She has also competed nationally and internationally as a rhythmic gymnast.

    Alana was awarded the YMCA-YWCA Women of Distinction Award of Promise for having made significant contributions to her school and community as well as achieving high academic success.  Alana is appreciative of the Son’s of Italy’s generosity. She is inspired by their touching humanitarian work as she too hopes to make the world a better place for all.

    2011 Winners

    Cristina Ardita

    Cristina Ardita graduated from École Garden City Collegiate with a French Immersion diploma in June 2011. She was accepted and is currently attending the University of Winnipeg's Faculty of Education program. She is pursuing a major in Biology and minor in French with the hope of becoming a French Immersion high school teacher for the Seven Oaks School Division.

    Cristina has volunteered for the Italian community for countless years. Her passion for teaching first started at Holy Rosary Church where she began teaching the Communion class. She’s always wanted to have a classroom of her own ever since. In 2009 she represented the Italian Pavilion as their Youth Ambassador and continues to volunteer at the pavilion every year. She is also the recipient of the University of Winnipeg Special Entrance Scholarship and the West St.Paul Council Scholarship.

    Cristina would like to offer her sincerest gratitude to the Sons of Italy for their generous support. Thanks to generous organizations such as the Sons of Italy, her goal is now within reach.

    Alessandro Augellone

    Alessandro Augellone graduated from St. John's Ravenscourt High School with Honours. As a result of this academic achievement he obtained
 direct first year entry into the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Manitoba. Alessandro, born and raised in Winnipeg attended SJR for all of his scholastic life, achieving Honours Standing every year, along with numerous other accolades, culminating in a University of Manitoba bursary scholarship.

    He has been active in the Italian Canadian community. He was involved in the Leonardo Da Vinci Youth group as its vice president and thus volunteering with the Sons of Italy at the annual Christmas Eve Feast, a project feeding and providing Christmas spirit to some of the neediest inner city residents. He has been involved with Holy Rosary Parish as an altar boy and Sunday school assistant and with the Centro Caboto's Folklorama.

    At school, Alessandro was instrumental in the Kendra McBain SJR Cancer Walk that become an annual event, along with spearheading a fundraising initiative to obtain a playground structure for John M. King School in the Inner City.  In the community, Alessandro played and coached youth soccer with the Winnipeg Youth Soccer Association.

    Alessandro would like to thank the Sons of Italy for this scholarship and congratulate the Sons of Italy for their commitment to youth and for being great role models for the youth of today.  "One day as we embark on our careers, we too, will give back in a similar fashion as the Sons of Italy, with their very successful charitable initiatives."

    2010 Winners

    Franca Petrelli 

    Franca Petrelli received her grade twelve high school diploma from Daniel McIntyre Collegiate Institute in June 2010. She is now attending the University of Winnipeg and was accepted into the Integrated Program in the Faculty of Education.  She hopes to one day teach at the elementary school she attended.

     Franca has contributed many years of dedication to the Italian Community. She was the Youth Ambassador for the Folkorama Italian Pavilion in 2008. Franca attended the Societa Culturale Dante Alighieri School and completed all of the Winnipeg School Division Italian exams. She received the Dante Alighieri Scholarship Award in her grade twelve graduating year. Furthermore, she is now on staff with Dante working as a teacher’s assistant. Franca has been an active member of the Sons of Italy Splendora D’Italia Folk Dancers of Manitoba for about eight years. She received the Splendora D’Italia Scholarship for 2010. She is currently the President of the Sons of Italy Leonardo Da Vinci Youth Group and looks forward to joining the Lupa Di Roma Women’s lodge in the near future.

     Franca wishes to express her sincerest gratitude to the Sons of Italy, Garibaldi Lodge for being selected as one of this year’s scholarship recipient. This is truly an honour and privilege to her.

    Natasha Angelina Rossol

    Natasha Angelina Rossol, born and raised in Winnipeg, has been studying voice for the past 8 years, singing many songs in Italian. She is currently in her first year at the University of Manitoba, and has begun an Introductory Italian course, which she enjoys immensely.

    Her involvement in the Italian community includes singing and volunteering at various events at the Centro Caboto.  Her most significant contribution was singing and acting in the Italian Pavilion for Folklorama 2010. 

    She is extremely grateful to the Sons of Italy for awarding this scholarship to her, and has never been prouder of her Italian heritage.

    2009 Winners

    Lisa Bova

    For many years Lisa Bova has volunteered and worked in the Italian community, from being Youth Folklorama Ambassador to teaching at both Holy Rosary Church and the Dante Alighieri Summer Camp.

    Lisa loves every minute she spends in the community for she realizes that her Italian heritage is very important. She plans to continue to be involved in the Italian community in years to come.

    The Italian culture is so rich it has intrigued Lisa to major in History as she is currently enrolled in the University of Winnipeg’s integrated Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Education program.

    Braiden Mayhew

    Braidan completed grade 12 at the Laureate Academy in June of 2009.  Graduating with honours, Braidan was president of student council and an active participant in all sporting activities including captain of the volleyball, basketball and soccer teams.  

     Braidan’s contributions both inside and out of school earned him the Citizenship Award at graduation.

    Canadian born of mixed heritage, Braidan is proud of his Italian background which he feels has strongly shaped his identity.  Presently attending the University of Winnipeg, Braidan hopes to study architecture and thanks to the Sons of Italy Scholarship, is one step closer to his goal.

    Prior to 2009

    Berardino Petrelli
    Larissa Yunyk

    Cristina Bueti
    Stephanie Zirino

    Benaimino Di Geronimo
    Chiara Stellacci

    Sofia Scaletta
    Gaetano Stellacci



    Angela Romeo
    Alex Sotiriadis

    Aurora Scerbo

    Order Sons and Daughters of Italy, Garibaldi Lodge

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