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Christmas Eve Feast 2013 in Photos

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  • Gifts donated by Wpg Police Assn
  • Typical contents of a child's gift bag (plus they rec'd a wrapped gift and a sled)
  • Typical adult gift bag, containing food hamper, dental hygiene kit and socks, gloves and toque.
  • Set-up "party" can be fun
  • Working hard AND having fun!
  • Some of the amazing volunteers that make this event happen!
  • Food is in the house, and servers are ready for action
  • Those plates are looking good!
  • Ozzie providing Christmas music
  • Pasta and meatballs ... mmmm. Hey, where's the turkey?
  • The pool hall turned banquet hall was packed throughout the serving time
  • Plates are full
  • The girls are waiting to serve some yummy red velvet cake
  • Kids were lined up to see Santa and Mrs Claus
  • Every seat is filled
  • Volunteers bring milk/water/coffee to guests
  • "WOW, I get all that?"
  • A happy child as she is about to eat her Christmas meal
  • Hey, is Santa wearing a new suit this year??
  • Not everyone is happy on the big guy's knee
  • The elves chatted with guests on the way out as they handed out age-appropriate gifts
  • A full tummy AND gifts??
  • Outside, families loaded their gift bags on the gift sleds.
  • Each child received a sled and a gift bag
  • mmm, Santa was giving candy canes
  • Representatives from the Wpg Police Assn (who donated about 200 wrapped children gifts!)
  • This little guy got dressed up for the occasion
  • Everyone was happy with the food
  • We served turkey, pasta, meatballs, vegetables and roasted potatoes
  • Mrs Claus enjoyed the children too
  • Angelo, Franco and their team of elves took Santa pics and instantly printed them for the children
  • Happy faces!
  • This child was ready with a pose
  • Family pics were popular
  • Is there something Santa and Mrs. Claus should be telling us about this little Claus??
  • Smile for the camera
  • This family was waiting for the Hostess to find them seats
  • A full plate, but no smile for the camera
  • Milk, water, coffee and hot chocolate were brought to the guests at their table
  • Their mischievous smiles may make you think they are about to eat, they are actually serving to the tables
  • The event is a wonderful opportunity for families to volunteer together
  • Brothers take a moment to pose
  • Many of our volunteers return year after year
  • Who knew cleaning tables was so much fun?
  • The photography team with studio lights, laptop and 3 photo printers - no waiting
  • Clean-up on aisle one
  • Santa might be wondering how long his knees are going to last
  • All wrapped up to go, with her left-over cake-in-a-cup
  • GALA CTTE (L-R): Front: Sal Infantino, Rosy Infantino, Gloria Cardwell-Hoeppner, John Giavedoni; Back: Dino Petrelli, Franco Petrelli, Santa (Joe Leuzzi), Mrs Claus (Michelle Trakalo), Reno Augellone
Order Sons and Daughters of Italy, Garibaldi Lodge

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