Christmas Eve Feast

On Sunday, December 24th, 2023, Sons and Daughters of Italy held our 15th annual Christmas Eve Feast for approximately 200 people at Rossbrook House.

The previous 3 "Covid Years", we were unable to provide an in-person meal, however, we did send trays and trays of pasta to Rossbrook House to feed the Children through Christmas.  We were so happy to be back, serving food to the children and their parents in-person this year.

The dinner featured a festive combination of traditional and Italian foods, and was enjoyed by all.  Santa found time to visit, walking through the crowd and even sat up on stage to talk to the children.

“This heartwarming celebration of community spirit provides a delicious meal on Christmas Eve, and also a sense of belonging and togetherness at this special time of year”, said Rossbrook House Executive Director Patty Mainville.

“Christmas is a special time of giving for Italians and is in keeping with giving back to our community roots, we appreciate being able to help the multicultural people in this community,” said event Co-chair Reno Augellone from Sons and Daughters of Italy.

John Giavedoni, event Co-chair continues, “this event embodies the Christmas spirit of giving. It is part of the Italian culture to share, so we are happy to share a beautiful meal with the Rossbrook House community, and we look forward to the smiles of the children as they see Santa Claus and receive toys.”

The Rossbrook House community enjoyed a wonderful meal, festive atmosphere and warm welcoming company to share it with. Adults left with a clothing gift and children departed with an armful of toys and big smiles.

We are very grateful to Rossbrook House for opening their doors and with open arms allowing us to put on this event for their community. The generosity of our supporters and volunteers has been paramount to the success of this event. We would like to acknowledge their generosity and commitment to our Christmas Eve Feast. 

Bringing joy to others is part of what makes the holidays so special and we cannot imagine doing anything else on Christmas Eve.

A few images from Christmas Eve Feast 2023:

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