• Real Racing / Family Picnic

Real Racing / Family Picnic

  • September 28, 2013
  • 11:00 AM
  • Red River Co-op Speedway


  • SOI members and your family are invited to this member fun family event. The food, festivities and fun are all free - part of being a member of this great lodge!
  • This SOI subsidized racing adventure is available for members only. Registration is only valid if PAID in full. There is a limit of 12 drivers. Please be in good health; signed liability wavers are required.

Stock Car Racing / Family Picnic

SORRY, this event has been cancelled as we did not achieve the minimum number of racing registrations; we will try again next year.

Before the cold weather is upon us, we are going to squeeze in one family event - actually two events in one: a family picnic combined with real stock car dirt track racing! 

Please note this event is next Saturday, so a fast response is required - register today if you are interested.

C A R   R A C I N G - $50

Race a real race car in a 25 lap race at the Winnipeg Speedway track against one of your SOI brothers! 

You will drive a custom built stock car equipped with a full roll cage on a factory chassis:
  • New body panels, bumpers and enclosed cockpit with adjustable seat to accommodate any renter’s size and shape
  • Chevy 355 cubic inch spec race engine
  • automatic transmission
  • 5 point racing belts
  • Engine - 300 horse power V8
  • Rear wheel drive
  • Front wheel disc and rear wheel drum brakes
  • 8” wide Hoosier racing tires
  • 5 gallon fuel cell with 110 octane leaded racing gasoline
  • Top speed of 75 mph on straightaways - average lap speed of 60 mph.

Safety Gear:  You will wear a fire retardant one-piece race suit, race gloves, race shoes, neck brace and a SA full face race helmet with the required visor tear-offs.  Also included is the mandatory Raceceiver that relays communication from the race director from the scoring tower giving you instructions for line-ups and notice for cautions and safety issues.

Racing begins at 1pm and depending on the size of the group can last 1-2 hours.  Each racer has 25 laps.

Cost for the racing is subsidized by our lodge 50%. So instead of $100 you only pay $50. All fees include the car being towed to the track, pit crew, required race fuel, an instructional briefing of the car and race rules, as well as all use of mandatory safety gear.

The racing is limited to 12 so the first to register and pay get to race.

More info on the racing can be found at the race provider's website: http://www.rentalracecar.com/

F A M I L Y   P I C N I C - free!

Bring the whole family for food, games and fun.  At 12:30, lunch will be served by Montana's grill: a sirloin steak burger or hot dog, potato/coleslaw salad and a drink.  The premise is licensed but the track does not sell alcohol.

Games for the children include candy toss, water balloons, tire roll races, potato sack races, mini-soccer and bocce ball. There will also be an opportunity for the children to get up close to the cars, sit in, and take pictures with them.

There are sheltered box suites available at the track in the case of rain. Families can have lunch in the stands while watching the brothers race and/or participate in the games with their children.

When: Saturday, September 28
11:00 a.m.
: Red River Co-op Speedway (map)
Picnic Cost: Free (includes lunch and games)
Racing Cost: $50 paid in advance
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