3rd Annual Sons Of Italy Go Kart Challenge

By Mario Posillipo

For as long as I can remember, whenever I introduced myself, I would say “hi, I'm Mario,” and their response is usually, "Hey where is your brother Luigi"?? Well, I am proud to say you can find my Brother Luigi Caci and I, on the first place podium at the 3rd Annual Sons Of Italy Go Kart Challenge at Speed World.

Ciao race fans! What a great day for racing! Yes, it was cold on Saturday Jan 24th, but with the temperature of 106 degrees on the brakes of our cars, the smell of gasoline and exhaust in the air, the race conditions couldn't be more perfect. There were 16 of us, which included Brothers, and a few friends. We had enough Brothers to bring back "The Le Mans" race from our first annual challenge. Last year, we had a every Brother for themselves, with yours truly taking the checkered flag and Fastest Son. The race teams and cars were picked. Targets were placed on our backs, and let me tell you, Franco Petrelli put out a bounty on myself, as the reigning champion. Offering to whomever could dethrone myself and my Le Mans partner Lou, that he would by a cold one for that Brother.

We started the race this year driving in the the opposite direction, which didn't give an advantage to us, unless your name was Dino Petrelli, who has a lifetime membership at Speed World. Lou started in our car, number 11, and with The LeMans style race, this means, it is the total number of laps in a 6 minute race. Lou did a great job maintaining his position at number 1, and then we switched after every 6 minutes.

Yes... there was some bumping, as you would expect in this race competition. We had a few spin outs courtesy of first time racer Cam Giavedoni, which led to the Speed World employee screaming from his mic, STOP, STOP, SLOWDOWN. There was a great battle between Justin Bova with his partner Danny Militano and Dinos Sotiriadis, with his partner and lifetime member at Speed World, Dino Petrelli. You couldn't miss David "Baci Perugina" Bueti ("He no scare, beautiful like a Ferrari") putting on a muscle show, as he was driving around the track.

Our worthy President  Tat-Liang Fabio Cheam was sporting his new race car sponsored jacket and was trying to make Red Bull, Infiniti, and Nissan proud, providing some great battles with all of the Brothers.

The winners of the 3rd annual Sons Of Italy Go Kart challenge were once again Mario Posillipo and Lou Caci. In the 2nd place position was Justin Bova and Danny Militano, and in 3rd place was Dinos Sotiriadis and Dino Petrelli. 

It was a fantastic Saturday afternoon of Le Mans racing, lots of great laughs, but most important, bringing the Brothers and new friends together. We ended the race by heading to Joe Grande's Mona Lisa’s Ristorante for some terrific pizza, Anice and wine. Special thanks go to the social committee for organizing this fun afternoon and for all the Brothers that attended. 
Order Sons and Daughters of Italy, Garibaldi Lodge

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